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Buying or selling a property is often the single most important transaction in a lifetime.

Financially, the capital invested represents years of savings for many of us, a long-term commitment.

Our house (be it a family home, a condo, a duplex or a triplex) is our living space, a gathering place. This is the place where your own routine and habits, where we start and end our day. It should be a comfortable space, an oasis of peace.

Considering the important role your house plays in your life, the transaction itself becomes important, a transition that we do not take lightly.

With unlimited access to the real estate market via the web, it is no longer access to information that is precious, it is the ability to interpret it well. The price of a house, its neighborhood or its number of rooms has little value if you are not able to compare it with the current market, that of recent years and trends to be able to make the right offer.

The real estate market is more complex than ever. You want to do business with a professional broker who can guide you throughout the transaction.

This is where E2 Immobilier comes in, a team of brokers who have solid expertise ; thanks to diverse profiles in real estate, construction, marketing and sales.

With customer satisfaction as their primary mission, E2 brokers make good use of management tools based on new technologies. Result? More time to offer quality service to customers. Our team is also available at all times, to facilitate the appointment according to your schedule. We know how preciou your time is.

The quality of the service is what guides us on a daily basis and which shows through in each of our actions. E2’s approach is fundamentally human, based on relationships of trust and care for others. More than managing real estate transactions, our job is to help people make the best decisions.

With unparalleled customer service, enjoy the peace of mind of a frictionless transaction.

Have peace of mind

Our brokers manage the purchase or sale of your property for you, from the first steps to the final signing.

Proactive team

Dynamic and efficient, our team creates a tailor-made game plan for your real estate transaction.

Personalized support

Establishing a quality relationship with our customers, based on transparent and honest communication, is essential. Our relationships are like our new properties: built on solid, to enjoy it for a long time. Our customers are our customers for life.



Our team of real estate brokers can help you!
It is to your advantage to use the services of a real estate broker, especially with a purchase, since the commission is at the seller’s expense.

The E2 Immobilier broker will accompany you to facilitate the property search process.
Nothing better than a real estate expert to guide you through the purchase of your dream home!

The advantages of doing business with a broker from E2 Immobilier:

  • Have access to all the properties of the MLS network in order to find the house that meets your search criteria;
  • Have access to properties 24 to 48 hours before they appear on MLS;
  • Scheduling appointments to save you precious time;
  • Accompany you and advise you during visits;
  • Write an offer to purchase with you while ensuring that your needs are faithfully represented and ensuring that you are protected;
  • Advise you on your financing and refer you to reliable and competent resource people;
  • Represent you during negotiations by defending your interests;
  • Ensure that the entire process is in due form and according to the law (referral to specialists)


We are your best allies for the sale of your property. We are committed to :

  • To give you a service that always meets your expectations;
  • Refer you qualified professionals throughout the transaction;
  • Allow you to attract several serious buyers;
  • Provide you with a reliable market valuation based on industry comparables;
  • Keep you informed of all market variations;
  • Maximize the visibility of your property;
  • Keep you informed of activities that affect your property in order to be able to follow the evolution of activities and focus on the strengths of your property;
  • Be available at all times to answer your questions;
  • Sell ​​by maximizing your profit and meeting your deadlines.

THE STRENGTH OF OUR TEAM: We are a team and mutual aid is our watchword.

THE MARKET: It should be considered in our strategy as it is constantly evolving and subject to wide variations. It is therefore essential to make an assessment of the market value based on the comparables recently sold in your sector.

THE PROPERTY: Your property should appear inviting, warm and inspiring to visitors. To maximize the chances of success of each visit, our professional photographer and home staging services are available. Nowadays people have less and less time to search for a new home, so special attention must be paid to details in order to make your property unique. The Internet is the tool of choice for buyers. It is therefore important to have an eye-catching, clear and detailed description sheet to reach our target customers. A maximum of photos and a good description will ensure that the people who visit the house will be real potential customers. They will have a real overview of the property and therefore a certain interest.

MARKETING: MLS: This website allows collaboration between real estate brokers of all banners as well as their pre-authorized clients for the sale of your property.

Visits: Self-guided tours are possible and are sometimes used. After each visit, you will receive a report from the buyers, which will allow you to follow the development of activities on your property. These reviews will help you focus on the strengths of your property and also improve the gaps if there are any.

ASKING PRICE: Your property must be listed at the right price compared to the current market. Listing your home too high would simply drive away potential buyers.

SECTOR: Deal with a real estate broker who lives in your sector and who knows its particularities.

DIRECT SERVICE: You can reach us directly at the office, by cell phone or by email, at any time.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation!

New construction

New construction

During your purchasing process in one of our projects our mission is to provide you with a pleasant and headache free experience. To do this, we will support you throughout the process, step by step:

  • Target your needs and advise you on the product that would best suit your needs, your tastes and your budget;
  • Visit of the project and explanation of it;
  • Make a quote to give you a good idea of the final price;
  • Signing of the purchase offer;
  • Sale of your current property (if necessary);
  • Choosing a financial institution for your mortgage;
  • Design of plans with our architects and designers;
  • Choice of finish with our decorator;
  • Meeting with our project manager;
  • Meeting with our suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Construction of your property;
  • Inspection of the property and of course after-sales service.


E2 Immobilier is constantly looking for new challenges. We are interested in working with serious entrepreneurs / promoters who convey the same values ​​as us, namely excellence, professionalism, honesty and availability towards clients.

Our experience in the field and our dynamism are assets for any entrepreneur wishing to improve their results. In addition, we have great flexibility in the services offered, our goal being to integrate into your business philosophy and your way of working in order to best meet your needs.

We have a wide range of services to offer to developers and general contractors:

  • Preliminary study
  • Design of plans and specifications
  • Cost planning
  • Marketing / Marketing
  • Sales
  • Construction
  • After sales service

We look forward to telling you more about us during a possible meeting!


“Thanks to Carolanne's good work, we have found our little love nest. We are very happy with the acquisition of our first property. Always attentive to our requests and our criteria. She is ahead and on the lookout for new registrations. His customers are his priority. We never had the impression of disturbing her and we appreciated her availability, despite our difficult schedules. In short, for an impeccable and professional service choose Carolanne!”
Darren, Boutin | Montréal
“She answered all of our questions and always worked in our best interests. She remained professional throughout the transaction. If we have anyone to recommend, it's her.”
Francis and Charlotte ,  | Saint-Philippe