Buying or selling a property is often the single most important transaction in a lifetime.

Financially, the capital invested represents years of savings for many of us, a long-term commitment.

Our house (be it a family home, a condo, a duplex or a triplex) is our living space, a gathering place. This is the place where your own routine and habits, where we start and end our day. It should be a comfortable space, an oasis of peace.

Considering the important role your house plays in your life, the transaction itself becomes important, a transition that we do not take lightly.

With unlimited access to the real estate market via the web, it is no longer access to information that is precious, it is the ability to interpret it well. The price of a house, its neighborhood or its number of rooms has little value if you are not able to compare it with the current market, that of recent years and trends to be able to make the right offer.

The real estate market is more complex than ever. You want to do business with a professional broker who can guide you throughout the transaction.

This is where E2 Immobilier comes in, a team of brokers who have solid expertise ; thanks to diverse profiles in real estate, construction, marketing and sales.

With customer satisfaction as their primary mission, E2 brokers make good use of management tools based on new technologies. Result? More time to offer quality service to customers. Our team is also available at all times, to facilitate the appointment according to your schedule. We know how preciou your time is.

The quality of the service is what guides us on a daily basis and which shows through in each of our actions. E2’s approach is fundamentally human, based on relationships of trust and care for others. More than managing real estate transactions, our job is to help people make the best decisions.

With unparalleled customer service, enjoy the peace of mind of a frictionless transaction.

Have peace of mind

Our brokers manage the purchase or sale of your property for you, from the first steps to the final signing.

Proactive team

Dynamic and efficient, our team creates a tailor-made game plan for your real estate transaction.

Personalized support

Establishing a quality relationship with our customers, based on transparent and honest communication, is essential. Our relationships are like our new properties: built on solid, to enjoy it for a long time. Our customers are our customers for life.





New construction

New construction



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“With such personalized customer service, experience the peace of mind of a frictionless transaction.”
Geneviève, Marquis | Montreal